Automated Retinal Exams for Primary Care

Ai-Ris provides a point-of-care ocular diagnostic system, using machine learning and low-cost hardware, to prevent vision loss in vulnerable populations.

Protected by U.S. Pat. 11,382,506


Early Detection is Key to Prevent Vision Loss

Vision loss due to diabetes, or diabetic retinopathy, is the leading cause of preventable blindness in adults worldwide. This condition affects up to 80% of individuals living with diabetes longer than 15 years. To prevent blindness, diabetic retinopathy must be caught early. Enter Ai-Ris.

Normal Vision

Impaired Vision

our solution

Introducting the Ai-Ris IR

A retinal imaging system that enables general medical practitioners to  screen for diabetic retinopathy without the presence of a specialist. The system consists of a portable headset, capable of capturing images of the patient’s retina without dilating the pupils and a machine learning algorithm to classify images of the patient’s retina.

Automatic Screening

Our machine-learning software algorithm allows for automatic exams with minimal oversight


Our unique optical approach enables us to acquire retinal images without the need for dilation drops.


Ditch the large, cumbersome table-top retinal cameras. Our headset system is light and easy to move

Patent Granted
for unique imaging technique
Meet our team

A passionate young group of technical innovators

Uthej Vattipalli

Operations, Business
MS Civil Enginr.
  • Former project manager
  • 3 years business dev. experience

Daniel Kermany

Engineering, Clinical
MD/PhD Compt. Biology
  • 9 years of prog. exp.
  • Former clinical lead for software diagnostics


Engineering, Grants
PhD Elect. Engr.
  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Patent in Optical Engineering


Regulatory, Grants
MS, PhD Biomed. Engr.  
  • Former R&D Engineer at Pfizer
  • Raised $2.5M in grant funding

Dr. Teresa J. Vigario

Doctor of Optometry
  • 13 years of experience in optometry
  • In depth experience in primary care and optometrist settings


Some questions & some answers

What makes your technology approach special?

Our proprietary imaging technique, AI-enabled software for automated retinal screening, combined with the capability to perform eye exams with an affordable headset device enables primary care physicians to now perform retinal screenings.

How much will your device cost?

Our technology is still under development but we aim to provide an affordable subscription to increase access to eye care to all.

Who is your device designed for?

Primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals with no particular training in ophthalmology.

When will you be market-ready?

We aim to release the beta for our software algorithm in 2023 for testing and non-clinical use, and aim to release the complete integrated hardware-software system in 2025.

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